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Warehouse Manager 200 - Sage 200 Certified

Fully integrated within the Sage 200 Commercial suite, Warehouse Manager 200 is the only Sage Certified and Sage Approved warehouse management system available in the UK and Europe. Tested to be compatible with the latest Sage release, Datalinx ensures that their customers can upgrade their Sage system as and when necessary and does not restrict them to running older versions of the Sage software.


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Warehouse Manager 200 Pack Bench

Warehouse Manager 200 Pack Bench

The Datalinx Pack Bench System can be used as an add on module to Warehouse Manager 200 or stand alone when Paper Picking is in use.

The 'Pack Bench’ module expands the capability of the Datalinx Warehouse Manager 200 application, providing users with a simple and cost-effective way to reduce errors at the point of packing, which ensures that orders are fulfilled correctly first time, every time.

Improves Efficiency
Reduces administration time and delays in
dispatching orders

Eliminates Errors
Confirms correct items with details being
captured on every order

 Reduces Costs
Minimises packing and shipping costs


Features include:

Record packing into multiple packages

Ability to repack or unpack boxes to allow space to be maximised

Dispatch notes and packing reports can be automatically generated for every order

Ability to repack or unpack boxes to allow space to be maximised

To find out more about what WHM 200 Pack Bench can do for your business, click here


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Datalinx - Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit 2018

Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit


Datalinx Computer Systems are proud to be Silver sponsors at this years Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit which is being held in Seville, Spain on the 2 - 4 May 2018.

If you would like to find out more about how The Warehouse Manager X3 (Sage X3) product can provide you with the latest in Warehouse Management Systems, then please come and see us on booth 13 or to book a meeting with us, send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit is the largest gathering of elite Sage Enterprise Management partners, brought together for a unique and memorable experience.

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Improve your warehouse layout

3 ways to improve your warehouse layout

Alongside Warehouse Manager 200, or X3, having an efficient warehouse layout would be the difference between processing your customers’ orders with maximum efficiency and not.

1 - Choose the right racking to suit the size of your warehouse

It can be a daunting task when choosing the most appropriate racking for your warehouse and choosing the wrong kind of racking could at best lead to an adverse effect on the efficiency of your warehouse or, at worst, an expensive re-fit within a short time frame.

The size of your building and its structure will directly impact what type of racking system you should be utilising in your warehouse.

You will need to identify:

  • The correct pallet size(s) for your operation
  • Decide what storage racking and handling system to use
  • Choose which vehicle is best for each operation
  • Work out the space needed for receipts and despatch areas, supporting areas & facilities

 2 - Design your warehouse to be safe and make life easier for your staff

Ensuring that your warehouse is safe not only means less accidents and increased costs to you as a business; it also helps your operation to run more smoothly and efficiently.

 3 - Ensure that the space in your warehouse is used effectively

With so much to fit into a warehouse, it is not only essential that you use all of the space you have, but also use it in the most effective way possible.

  • Storage Space: To store goods and materials
  • Office Space: Can include meeting rooms, reception and mail rooms
  • Loading Docks: For shipping and receiving goods
  • Light Industrial Space: Use for the processing of materials
  • Computer Centres

Only include areas that are absolutely essential to the running of your business. Underused areas could be used for other, more productive parts of your warehouse.

For warehouses that store a wide variety of products, or where stock rotates on a seasonal basis, the versatility of your racking will be a major point to consider. Some racking systems are limited in the variety of different goods they can be used to store.

The answer is that if your stock rotation, access requirements and variety of goods are all likely to change frequently, your racking needs to be able to as flexible and versatile as possible to support your needs.


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Datalinx Computer Systems Ltd are pleased to announce that they have certified Zebra Technologies Inc’s brand-new Android handheld, the TC20, for use with the Datalinx Warehouse Management System for Sage X3. 

The WHM X3 system allows the operatives in the warehouse to be wirelessly connected to the central system using the TC20 – the latest in wireless hardware technology which is lightweight, durable and affordable.  

These two components work extremely well together as they provide the user with cost effective solutions that are designed and developed to deliver the warehousing functionality that today’s business requires.  The WHM X3 system has been written and embedded within Sage X3, ensuring any business can accurately manage its inventory. 

Both the Datalinx WHM X3 Sage software and the Zebra TC20 are available globally across the USA, UK, Europe and Asia.

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