WHM200 Dynamic Stocktaking video

Changing the way Sage 200 carries out a stock take and enabling the count of a live warehouse! Datalinx Dynamic Stock Taking allows complex ranges of products to be selected and counted;

• Handles batch and serial number products
• Warehouse stays open whilst a stock take is carried out 
• Enables true perpetual inventory stock management

Whilst standard Warehouse Manager 200 can reduce stock take time by 75%. 

Dynamic Stock Taking stops the warehouse closing, reducing the cost to the business and improving efficiency. 

Dynamic Stock Take enables true perpetual inventory, and stock taking to take place with minimal disruption. No longer is it necessary to freeze all movements for a day or days. A ‘snapshot’ of stock is only taken at the moment in time that a ‘bin location’ is counted, allowing other warehouse operations to continue unimpeded. Effectively movements to and from the specific bin are frozen for the few moments that the bin is counted. This functionality also allows multiple users to work efficiently together to count stock on the same card without duplicating counts. In a continuation of standard Warehouse Manager 200 functionality, activities in progress on the hand held utilise ‘traffic light’ colours, showing product, not counted, in progress and counted.

Dynamic Stock Taking provides the ability to print both the card and hard copies of the full audit trail, functionality that is not available within Sage 200.
The business now has information such as:
• Who created the card
• Who adjusted stock levels in Sage
• Who checked the stock
• Who posted the stock count
• Which warehouse user counted the stock
• Details of the cards created (bin, item, product group)
• Time stamps

Custom Stock Take Cards
By utilising Sage reports custom stock count cards can be created across an extensive set of criteria and product groups, including, but not limited to: problem areas within the warehouse, product trends, season lines and bin locations.
Sample cards could be based on:
• Highest value items
• 10 Fastest moving lines
• Batch and serial number items
• By warehouse aisle
• Items sold within a set period
• Batch items older than 6 months

Typically cards are based on:
Bin: Allows the user to select bins to count.
Product: Allows the user to choose specific products to be counted.
Product Group: Allows the group to be defined in Sage to be selected to become the ranges for the card.