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Is your warehouse prepared for all seasons?

Santa in the warehouse

Don’t let your warehouse go through the any season unprepared, especially winter. Avoid damaging your reputation, customer loyalty and your profit. Now is the time to start thinking ahead and use these 5 tips to help you get started.

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WHM 200 - Sales Order Packing

Sales Order Packing 

• Records each item as it is packed in which box
• Sales Order Packing reports can be customised or amended, if needed
• Completed on a ’box at a time’ basis using the handheld scanner
• Datalinx Packing Management Screens within Sage 200

The impressive functionality of Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 includes Batch and Serial Number Traceability, Dynamic Stocktake, Stock Transfers and Warehouse Operations, to name but a few as well as Sales Order Packing.

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Warehouse Manager 200 - tailored training

If you have recently gained new additions to your workforce or you are in need of a refresher on how some of the WHM 200 functionality works, Datalinx can produce a tailored course to suit your requirements. The course will be tailored to address the specific needs of your workforce and their understanding of the WHM 200 system, and will cover questions and functionality that will help your business to manage a better process from the moment a product arrives in your warehouse, through to packing and dispatch.                                                                                                                                                              

We are able to go over one or more of the functionalities listed below:

Transfers and Warehouse Operations - are your stock levels correct when re-locating products from one warehouse to another?

Dynamic Stock Take - are you meeting all your objectives whilst Stocktaking, enabling accurate data in Sage?

Sales Order Picking - can all your staff pick sales orders correctly, ensuring that their pick errors are zero?

Master Bin Picking - are your staff wasting time and picking from stock bins down the other end of the warehouse?

Goods Receipt - are you finding stock that hasn't been booked in or sitting in the wrong location?

Project Accounting - are you aware of the WHM 200 project Accounting functionality?

Advanced Printing and Labelling - how easy is it for you to design and print all your product labels?

If you feel that you are in need of some training to improve the efficiences in your warehouse: Click Here

shutterstock 15174088 training in the warehouse

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WHM for Sage 200 - Sales Order Packing



                WHM for Sage 200 - Sales Order Packing

• Allows the recording of what item is packed in which box

• Completed on a ’box at a time’ basis using the handheld scanner

• Datalinx Packing Management Screens within Sage 200 WHM 200 suite

• Sales Order Packing reports can be customised or amended










This is an effective module that will provide your company with the ability to pack products into one or more cartons and manifest the contents into specialised Datalinx packing reports to accompany the Sage Despatch Note.

 This gives your company huge benefits of being able to have:

  • 100% accuracy while packing

  • The ability to double check picked products prior to despatch
  • A reduction in business costs, such as reducing the number of returns due to mis pick errors

 This process can be carried out via a handheld device or when using the Datalinx WHM for Sage 200 Pack Bench module.

Warehouse Manager 200 has lots of impressive functionalities; including batch and serial number traceability, Dynamic Stocktake, Stock Transfers and Warehouse Operations to name but a few as well as Sales Order Packing.

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Improve your warehouse layout

3 ways to improve your warehouse layout

Alongside Warehouse Manager 200, or X3, having an efficient warehouse layout would be the difference between processing your customers’ orders with maximum efficiency and not.

1 - Choose the right racking to suit the size of your warehouse

It can be a daunting task when choosing the most appropriate racking for your warehouse and choosing the wrong kind of racking could at best lead to an adverse effect on the efficiency of your warehouse or, at worst, an expensive re-fit within a short time frame.

The size of your building and its structure will directly impact what type of racking system you should be utilising in your warehouse.

You will need to identify:

  • The correct pallet size(s) for your operation
  • Decide what storage racking and handling system to use
  • Choose which vehicle is best for each operation
  • Work out the space needed for receipts and despatch areas, supporting areas & facilities

 2 - Design your warehouse to be safe and make life easier for your staff

Ensuring that your warehouse is safe not only means less accidents and increased costs to you as a business; it also helps your operation to run more smoothly and efficiently.

 3 - Ensure that the space in your warehouse is used effectively

With so much to fit into a warehouse, it is not only essential that you use all of the space you have, but also use it in the most effective way possible.

  • Storage Space: To store goods and materials
  • Office Space: Can include meeting rooms, reception and mail rooms
  • Loading Docks: For shipping and receiving goods
  • Light Industrial Space: Use for the processing of materials
  • Computer Centres

Only include areas that are absolutely essential to the running of your business. Underused areas could be used for other, more productive parts of your warehouse.

For warehouses that store a wide variety of products, or where stock rotates on a seasonal basis, the versatility of your racking will be a major point to consider. Some racking systems are limited in the variety of different goods they can be used to store.

The answer is that if your stock rotation, access requirements and variety of goods are all likely to change frequently, your racking needs to be able to as flexible and versatile as possible to support your needs.


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