Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 - Tote Tracking

The Datalinx Tote Tracking Module for Warehouse Manager allows the tracking and control of shipped totes and records their return into the business.

When products are shipped in totes that are not returned, the business has an ever increasing overhead that can significantly add to its shipping and distribution costs.

The ability to track totes provides the information to either charge or request return, as appropriate. On receipt, the operator can return the tote to stock for re-assignment, or if necessary, identify it as needing maintenance. Tracking location and status of totes in this way ensures that your business always has current knowledge of tote availability.

The functionality:

  • Assign a unique ID for each tote
  • Review tote availability and assigned status
  • Enquire about totes assigned to specific customers
  • Customisable tote status fields
  • Return totes into stock
  • Manage and assign usability status e.g maintenance, cleaning
  • All transaction movements fully recorded in Sage


  • Cost savings
  • Knowledge of totes status and availability within the business

Tote Location and Status Tracking Module:
Compatible with:

  • Warehouse Manager 3.6.0 - core
  • Sage X3 (v9, v11 and v12)


>> WHM X3 Tote Tracking overview video <<


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