WHM 200 - Sales Order Packing

Sales Order Packing 

• Records each item as it is packed in which box
• Sales Order Packing reports can be customised or amended, if needed
• Completed on a ’box at a time’ basis using the handheld scanner
• Datalinx Packing Management Screens within Sage 200

The impressive functionality of Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 includes Batch and Serial Number Traceability, Dynamic Stocktake, Stock Transfers and Warehouse Operations, to name but a few as well as Sales Order Packing.

This effective functionality will provide your company with the ability to pack products into one or more cartons and manifest the contents into specialised Datalinx packing reports to accompany the Sage Despatch Note.

This gives your company huge benefits of being able to have:

  • 100% accuracy while packing
  • The ability to double check picked products prior to despatch
  • A reduction in business costs, time and labour i.e stock inaccuracies

This process can be carried out via a handheld device or when using the:
Datalinx WHM for Sage 200 Pack Bench module.



For a Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 webex demo today, 


Datalinx at Sage Sessions - X3
Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 - Tote Tracking

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