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Another year of growth and success for Datalinx

Following on the worldwide success of Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) and to meet the demand for specialist industry functionality, Datalinx has opened a dedicated R&D hub in an additional building on the office campus. 

The expansion comes less than 3 years after the company outgrew their previous offices where they had been for 15 years.  Located in the beautiful surrey countryside, but only 9 miles from London Gatwick Airport, the new offices in a unique and charming converted barn provide more space and improved facilities for the Development team.

The Datalinx R&D building has been fitted out to the requirements of the Datalinx team and will enable them to better meet the needs of our Sage Enterprise Management end users and business partners.  This move has also enabled other Datalinx teams supporting Sage 200 and Sage 500 / 1000, to expand within the main HQ building, which has improved audio and visual facilities within the enlarged training area.

As the year progresses, the company looks forward to welcoming more customers.

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Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 - a practical solution

Join in on one of our Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 webinars

 - WHM 200 provides a practical solution to the everyday problems of your warehouse -


Are you aware of the true cost of running your warehouse in today's market?

When a business does not have an automated data tracking system in their warehouse, typically their stock location accuracy is less than 75%.  Poor stock accuracy not only means orders take longer to pick, pack and despatch, but more staff need to be employed to enable business growth.

Warehouse Manager for Sage 200's main objective is to enable businesses to optimise process and increase efficiency, delivering the key functionality that your warehouse requires.

WHM 200 provides a fully fledged warehousing and stock control solution that is embedded into your Sage system which reduces costs and improves accuracy.

WHM 200 functionality includes: 

  • Batch and serial number traceability

  • Dynamic Stock Take

  • Utilisation of existing barcodes

  • Receipting of goods into stock

  • Warehouse transfers

  • Pick, Pack and Despatch of sales orders

  • Works order issues and receipts

  • Project accounting

  • GS1 barcode compatible


 If you are interested in knowing more, why not register for one of our WHM 200 webinars today:


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Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 has lots of impressive functionalities providing flexibility in how stock is picked by your warehouse team.

Pick, Pack and Ship

Within Sage 200, there are a variety of models available to set up and allocate sales orders for fulfilment. Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 provides an advance picking capability to enable the operator to quickly pick and despatch orders in the most efficient and timely manner against the business’s specific requirements.

Within the system, users have the option to run an extended Sales Order Pick, of which there are 3 options available:

Features include:

Sales Order Pick* 
Sales Order Pick and Pack
Sales Order Pick, Pack and Ship (despatch)

*A separate Pack and despatch process is available

This will provide your company with huge benefits of being able to have: 

  • Flexibility with workforce assignment
  • Increased control and visability of the picking process
  • An increase of speed and accuracy whilst picking
  • A reduction in business costs
  • A large reduction in administration time

For a Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 webex demo today, 


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What is Master Bin Guided Picking?

Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 has lots of impressive functionalities; including batch and serial number traceability, Sales Order Picking, Dynamic Stock Take, Transfer and Warehouse Operations to name but a few, including a simple, productive way of picking stock from a close at hand 'Pick Bin' instead of a less convenient Sage allocated location:

Master Bin Guided Picking

This is a very effective module that will provide your company with the ability to set up 'Pick' bins for each product. This means that irrespective of where Sage allocates the stock from, Datalinx WHM 200 will direct the 'Picker' to the most appropriate 'Pick' bin.


  • An increase of picking speed
  • More accuracy whilst picking stock
  • A reduction in business costs

If you would like to expand the functionality of your warehouse:


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Are you in need of a flexible Sage warehouse management system?

Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 is the most comprehensive warehouse and inventory management system within the Sage 200 UK market.  WHM 200 utilises modern hand held barcode readers to guide, check, verify and record all physical inventory movements, whilst updating stock records in real time as transactions happen.

Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 has vast amounts of impressive functionalities; including Batch and Serial Number Traceability, Receipt Against Purchase Orders, Custom Stock Take Cards and many more - these all go towards providing a practical solution to the problem of inefficiency within warehousing operations.


Dynamic Stock Take                                                                    Sales Order Picking

Transfers and Warehouse Operations                                     Advanced Printing and Labelling  

Goods Receipt                                                                              Project Accounting

Master Bin Picking

Enhanced functionality modules:

Pack Bench


Courier Integration

For a Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 webex demo today, 


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