Datalinx have a tried and tested range of hardware that we recommend and which are rigorously checked to ensure compatibility with our warehousing systems. Over 25 years we have gained a great deal of experience of what works, what doesn't, which types of units work best in which environments and with which kind of people. Our experience has enabled us to select the best tools for the job - so if you are implementing one of our barcoding systems or looking to replace your handheld units, these are our current recommendations.


Please note within a specific device there may be many sub-models which work with different networks, bandwidth and environments not all of which will be appropriate to use. If the device you are interested in using is not shown, please contact us to check whether it is suitable for use.

Due to there being a large number of devices for WHM for SageX3 (other then the link below) we have also placed all the devices in a handy sized document - click here to view the compatible devices PDF.

Barcode Labels: 
There are a variety of label stock available for use with Zebra printers to withstand the riguors of normal warehouse use. Datalinx barcode printing software, which is embedded in all of our Sage barcode systems, works seamlessly with the relevant models. We have the expertise to recommend the right model for your business process and operating environment and our sister company Datalinx Labelling has the expertise to provide the right labels for your requirement.