The Datalinx Pack Bench System can be used as an add on module to Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 or stand alone in its own right when
Paper Picking is in use. 

‘Pack Bench’ expands the capability of the Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 application, providing users with a simple and cost-effective way to reduce errors at the point of packing, which ensures that orders are fulfilled correctly first time, every time. Where a business needs to capture batch or date details of products being shipped, then ‘Pack Bench’ can record by scanning, this information for a given order. 

Features include:

Items confirmed via a touch screen terminal

Users can either scan or enter product details against a Sage generated order 
to ensure the correct items have been packed

Record packing into multiple packages 

Orders can be packed into multiple packages and the contents of each 
package recorded.

Ability to repack or unpack boxes to allow space to be maximised

Multiple packages can be opend at the same time on the system, so that
if an order can be compressed to fit in fewer cartons, then they can be
moved to the relivant box.

Output to carrier systems

Options exsist to provide the shipping details that maybe passed to the 
courier system to allow for the automatic creation of shipping details
and manifest booking.

To find out many other benefits of the Warehouse Manager 200 Pack Bench add on, click here

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