The Datalinx Manufacturing Suite automates the issuing of materials by the use of hand held RF (radio frequency) terminals which scan items as they are issued or receipted into the production process. Where required, they enable the capture of batch, date and serial numbers of components and assemblies.

Users are provided with the ability to:
Scan the issue of required raw materials or product to Works Orders within the Sage 200 Manufacturing suite.
Pick component items against a Sage 200 Bill of Materials, as found within the Sage 200 Commercials suite.

Works Order Issues (for Sage Manufacturing)
Within the Datalinx Manufacturing Suite a warehouse or shop floor operative has the ability to view and process Works Order picking files for Works Orders with allocated stock. This is achieved through the use of a hand held terminal integrated to Datalinx Warehouse Manager 200 which in turn updates Sage 200 in real time. Relevant material items on the Works Order are displayed on the hand held terminal, together with the location and required quantity. If stock items in Sage 200 are configured to necessitate the capture of further details, such as serial, batch numbers, use by or sell by date information, then the hand held terminals will request and confirm details during the picking process.

Works Order Completion
As each Works Order is completed, or part completed, Datalinx Manufacturing automatically updates Sage 200 Manufacturing and either removes the order from the hand held screen or retains the Works Order as part complete until it is completed or closed. Datalinx Manufacturing automatically updates the Works Order status in Sage 200 reflecting status change in real time.

Bill of Materials for Sage 200 commercials 
Interfaced to the Sage Bill of Materials module within the Sage 200 Commercials module. Within Datalinx BOM there are two programs provided on the hand held scanner. The first allows picking against a BOM that has been created in Sage and has had stock allocated. The second allows the completed product to be booked into stock and into a bin location.

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System Functionality

Put Away
Stock Control
Sales order picking
GS1 Codes and Barcodes
Batch and Serial Numbers

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Manufacturing / Works Orders

Works Order Issues
Works Order Receipting
BOM Allocation
BOM Completion
Unit of Measure Management
Tracker and Pallet IDs
Job Costing

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Transfers and Operations

Bin to Bin / Location to Location
Intersite Transfers
Product code across multiple references
Custom Stock Take Cards
Advanced Printing and Labelling
Audit History
Order Management
Multi Language Sets

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