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Warehouse Manager for Sage X3The Datalinx Tote Tracking module removes the overhead of tote containers not being returned, allows the tracking of them and records their return. This provides the business with the knowledge to either charge or request return as appropriate. On their receipt, the status of the tote can be assessed before being made available for re-use.

If products are shipped in totes that are not returned, the business has an ever increasing overhead that can significantly add to its costs.  traditionally, totes have been tracked by adding a product to the sales order, however this does not give a true view of the totes' location and requires 'customer returns' to be used to book it back into the business.

This module is only compitable with WHM X3 R3.6.0 - Core, for Sage X3: V9, V11 and V12.


When totes are returned, operators can scan these back into stock, whether this is to the same or a different site.

Recording Tote Unique IDs

The Datalinx Tote Tracking module allows assignment of a unique ID for each tote. Simply record the totes in a Warehouse Manager screen in Sage, there is no need to add totes as a special type of inventory.

Tracking and Enquiring

When picking a product requiring totes, the operator is prompted to scan the tote IDs, at which point the tote’s status automatically updates to PICKED.

Datalinx Tote Enquiries in Sage, enables users picking totes to check whether the tote is free or picked, and if picked, which customer is receiving it. 

Managing Usability Status

The Tote Status function allows review of the tote to identify whether it is suitable for re-use, or if it needs maintenance, such as repair, cleaning or other action. 

Statuses can be defined to reflect an organisation’s specific requirements. The operator can scan and update the status of a given tote as appropriate.