Datalinx Works Manager solution has been designed to provide the flexibility businesses demand by;
• reducing costs,
• increasing efficiency
• and producing up-to-date accurate management information.
Works Manager provides detailed work-in-progress tracking, shop floor data collection and job costing within manufacturing environments.
The requirements of manufacturing companies will vary within the general definition of shop floor data capture and work in progress. Companies that have their labour costs under control will have greater emphasis on tracking, whereas within the jobbing environment, labour costs may be of greater concern than tracking. Works Manager is highly flexible enabling it to be tailored to fit your business and manufacturing processes. The module directly integrates with the Sage manufacturing module, providing real-time physical and financial overview of your manufacturing and stores operations.
Works manager modules integrate closely into Sage Line 500 and Sage ERP 1000 allowing the solution to identify works order detail by booked time, location, status and quantities made, giving users fast accurate cost information.