Advanced WMS 200

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Sage Certified

Bringing new levels of functionality and scalability to the Sage 200 user, this enterprise level of functionality was previously only available in our larger systems. Originally developed for Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 and now incorporated into Advanced WMS 200, the ‘Datalinx DML Client handles the workflow together with the communications between hardware devices and the core system.


Advanced WMS 200 is the most flexible warehouse and inventory management system available for the Sage 200 market. Working in real-time, using barcodes and wireless handhelds it can offer simple stock control through to complex true warehouse management. Fully integrated within the Sage 200 Commercial suite and Sage Certified since 2012, Advanced WMS 200 expands on the foundations of the Warehouse Manager 200 application, working with the live Sage database, providing updates in real time as stock is moved, counted, deliveries receipted and orders picked and despatched.


Datalinx users see a typical ROI of less than 12 months and this is achieved by increasing stock location accuracy to over 99%, picking the correct product first time every time and removing the need to ‘double check’ every order. Industry analysis shows that investors in warehouse management applications are more likely to consistently ship within one day of an order’s placement, with typically 40% seeing significant value benefits.


Compatible hardware


Compatible Devices 

Expansive device range including Android and Windows, tablets, truck mount and PC. Explore the device range