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eFulfilment Manager kit

Introducing Datalinx eFulfilment Manager

eFulfilment is a fast pick, pack and automatic courier interface system that reduces the time taken to process orders from pick through to despatch. The extensive picking options enable orders to be picked in the most efficient manner, with specialist routines for single line, single item orders, to 'wave picking' of multiple customer orders plus there are picking routines for items that don't require additional packaging, only address and courier labelling.


Where required, pick verification and packing can be achieved at the Datalinx Pack Bench, with facilities to efficiently pack multi box orders with a manifest of the contents of each box. At the touch of button, print and enclose a despatch note and returns label, then book into the chosen courier and label with optional shipping label and/or courier label. All of which can be completed in seconds.  Finally, the 'Orders Pool' status is updated with time and date to 'awaiting collection.'


In today's efulfilment world of minimum time from order to dispatch, it is critical to have fast pick, pack, and despatch routines together with simple but accurate “order status” details. Accurate information minimises errors that are costly in staff and management time to correct. With the right product and quantity packed, then booked with a shipping carrier in less time, more orders can be processed with the same staff.

The system is driven from a configurable “Orders Pool” where the status and progress of all orders can be monitored and managed with the staff directed to tasks in the most efficient manner for the business.

Today with consumers ordering two units and returning one, then the cost of processing returns has to be minimised. Datalinx facilitates the quick and accurate identification of the original customer order and associated delivery details against which the returned item can be accepted and processed.


Welcome to the Portal 

Any order starts with locating and identifying the product, then picking it against the sales order. eFulfilment Manager has a number of picking processes, including simple “paper pick”. The benefit of offering a paper pick in the warehouse is that it allows a transition from existing processes to tablet picking, dovetailing traditional and technology together. As volumes increase, eFulfilment Manager provides a range of additional picking processes. All of which allow the business gain the same operational functionality and efficiencies seen in significant sized warehouses. Read more:
The Pack Bench in the eFulfilment system is the “Gate way” for all orders, irrespective of whether the order is paper picked, single order picked, wave picked or any other process used. All orders pass through the “Pack bench” where validation that the right product is being picked is confirmed. Whether used on a desktop PC or tablet device, the Pack Bench functionality will present the order details, and you can utilise barcode scanning (or manual confirmation) to validate the products and verify that the right product is being shipped, eliminating the possibility of miss-ships. The Pack Bench has the ability to: - capture the actual package weight - manage which products are packed into which box - generate packing lists - generate address labels - generate the shipping labels on closing the boxes (if linked to courier systems)
Returns are a major overhead for any online business. The ability to manage these efficiently when they arrive back at the warehouse is critical to an efficient operation.
The generation of the courier label is critical to ensure that your product reaches its destination correctly. Booking this in on the couriers website can be time consuming and with manual entry there is the potential for errors to be made. This doesn't happen with Datalinx eFulfilment. eFulfilment Manager will connect, in real time to the courier systems at the time the box is packed and closed on the Pack Bench. This allows us to capture the actual box weight, ensuring you don't over pay for your shipping by estimating box weights.

The use of tools such as “Datalinx Order Pool Management” brings a new dimension to managing the order delivery process. In addition to being able to view the order status, the Portal provides a single location from which to quickly and efficiently manage the picking of orders, choosing from a variety of picking routines. This removes the need to revert to the business system (such as Sage 200), which is not designed with the capabilities needed by eCommerce focused business.


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