eFulfilment orders pool - courier booking

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Documentation, Returns and Shipping Labels

efulfilment Label Creation

At the completion of packing as the box is closed, the gross weight can be calculated or entered.
The system will then generate the box manifest(s), returns label and shipping label


Courier Booking and Labels

The generation of the courier label is critical to ensure that product reaches the correct destination. This label is automatically generated as part of the courier booking process, thus reducing the potential for errors..



Shipping in Own Container eFulfilment - ship in own container

Shipping in Own Container is a very powerful and time saving feature of eFulfilment Manager. This is where the product being shipped does not need any further packing or processing, it only requires a shipping label and/ or courier label applied. A typical example would be a roll of bubble wrap, or white goods such as a washing machine. 



Courier Booking 

  Royal Maail   APC - efulfilment Carrier compatibility   Fedex- efulfilment Carrier compatibility
  Hermes - efulfilment Carrier compatibility   UPS- efulfilment Carrier compatibility  

eFulfilment is supplied as standard, with integration to 1 carrier from the Datalinx approved list. Additional carriers can be added as required*




Booking orders into your courier with efulfilment

Booking an order with your chosen courier can be done as soon as an order is packed or as a batch booking at a later time. Due to Datalinx's integration with these couriers this is done in seconds will all booking information automatically uploaded from the eFulfilment system to your chosen couriers booking.

Saving minutes on every single order and potentially hours in the working day.




Courier Collection and Order Tracking

When the courier has collected an order the status can be updated in the orders pool for future interrogation.


* As an additional monthly subscription