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Datalinx Labelling is about delivering the easiest, lowest cost supply of genuine Zebra supplies to the owners of Zebra printers. We specialise in supplying the right labels for your printer - and there are a lot to choose from.

Below is a short guide to which printer you have - this will determine the core size of the labels required and in most cases, whether you require Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer labels. Thermal Transfer labels require a ribbon to print. At the bottom of this page is a very clever label decider; so if you know your printer, size of label and what you require of your label - i.e. does it need to be waterproof, heatproof, durable etc. By answering the 4 questions it will provide you with the correct label which you can then order via us. 

Datalinx Labelling is the partner of our business “Datalinx Ltd”  The owners of Datalinx Labelling have been involved with Zebra printers for some 20 years, almost as long as Zebra printers have been manufactured.



Alternatively, call us on 07715 634 235 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and

we will help you find the correct label.


High End/Mid Range Media

These Printers are large free standing printers that are ideal for high volume printing, they can print all labels and can be either Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer; the settings on each printer can be changed for the different labels.

datalinx labelling desktop media

Desktop Printer Media

The Desktop Range are printers that sit on desks and can be Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal. This gives more options for the uses of the labels - ie Thermal transfer labels have the ability to be waterproof, ice proof and very durable. Handy if your labels require outdoor toughness.

Mobile Printer Media

Mobile Printers are the smallest printers in the Zebra Range. As the name suggests they are mobile, sometimes called belt printers. These are all direct thermal printers and do not require a ribbon to print. Ideal for the indoor environment where you require a printer you can hold.