Warehouse Manager for Sage 200 is the most flexible warehouse and inventory management system, which is available for the Sage 200 market and provides real-time warehouse management using wireless handhelds. It has impressive functionalities; including batch and serial number traceability, providing a practical solution to the problem of stocktaking these products which is particularly key for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Fully integrated within the Sage 200 Commercial suite, Warehouse Manager 200 is the only Sage Certified and Sage Approved warehouse management system available in the UK and Europe. Tested to be compatible with the latest Sage release, Datalinx ensures that their customers can upgrade their Sage system as and when necessary and does not restrict them to running older versions of the Sage software.

Dynamic Stock Take

  • Warehouse continues to trade
  • Custom stock take cards
  • Blind counts
  • Batch/serial number stock takes
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Transfers and Warehouse Operations

  • Bin to bin / location to location
  • Batch / serial number traceability
  • Product code across multiple references
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Project Accounting

  • Integrated to Sage Commercials
  • Job costing 

Add On's

Pack Bench module

  • Items confirmed via a touch screen terminal
  • Ability to repack or unpack boxes
  • Record packing into multiple packages
  • Output to carrier systems
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Goods Receipt

  • Receipt against purchase orders
  • Batch numbers / BBF dates
  • User by dates
  • Custom product labels
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Master Bin Picking

  • Allocations are moved at the point of picking
  • Guided in alphanumeric Master Bin sequence
  • Included in WHM200 V2017 onwards
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Manufacturing module

  • Works order issues
  • Works order completion
  • BOM Allocation  / completion
  • Job costing
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Warehouse Manager 200 sage certification and approval

Datalinx are the only Sage developer with a Sage certified warehousing solution. As part of the certification process both Datalinx products, as standard, support all Sage upgrades and system updates. Warehouse Manager is compatible with current Windows client systems and Datalinx provide continuing technical and helpdesk support for all users.

Compatible with Sage 200 2015 SP3 onwards

Sales Order Picking

  • Guided by priority
  • Pick by physical properties
  • Unique 'pick and hold'facility
  • marshal order prior to despatch
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Advanced Printing and Labelling

  • Printing of labels
  • Easy custom designs






Courier Integration module

  • Interfaces to a number of courier/carrier label printing systems
  • Reduces time and paperwork
  • Eliminates errors