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Works Manager X3

Now available globally and ordered direct from Datalinx, this system has been developed by the Datalinx team specifically to meet the requirements of the manufacturing industry and Sage X3 users. 


Works Manager for Sage X3 builds on and enhances the manufacturing capabilities of Sage X3. It takes the product routing, Bill of Materials detail and delivers this onto “operation appropriate” devices on the shop floor. These are typically traditional barcode scanners or Android based devices and tablets*


The Process: At key points, Datalinx Works Manager X3 will issue product to a Works Order, track the quantities of product and the batches of raw material being used throughout the manufacturing process to complete sub-assemblies or finished product.


Embedded Integration: All of this information captured during the manufacturing process is recorded and fed back into Sage Manufacturing. It obeys and follows the “entry point” definitions to ensure the business process configuration of Sage X3 are followed.


Traceability: One of the key challenges of any manufacturing process, particularly in industries such as food and pharmaceutical production where traceability is critical, is being able to capture information on the batches of raw materials being consumed at each of the operations to manufacture the finished goods. This challenge is addressed and simplified with the Datalinx Works Manager X3 module.



Works Manager X3 core functionality

     Marshall and Issue

      Forward marshall of BoM

      Issue and complete operation

      De-kitt unused product

      Whole M0M issue

      Batch and Lot tracking

      License Plate utilisation


Works Manager X3 hardware

  Compatible Devices

Deployed on a range of Android or Windows devices, suitable for different environments, conditions or price points. 


Industry Specific Functionality 

Built in support for manufacturing processes



      Operation filtering

      Quantity complete

      Lock tracking at each operation

      Operation start time

      Actual Work Center recorded

     Booking via tablet devices on shop floor



Integrated Business Management

One complete solution embedded within Sage X3 eliminates integration hassles and disparate database information


     Complete and Receipt

      Auto receiving of product

      Auto closure of operations

      Auto generation of product labelling

      Product status recorded

      Integration in to Datalinx Warehouse Manager




Real Time Visibility

Real time visibility throughout the entire production process with functionality for splitting and merging batches