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Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage Enterprise Management and Sage X3

The Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 (WHM X3) application is designed and developed to deliver the key warehousing functionality that today’s business require, yet achieve this without compromising or taking control from the Sage system at the core of the business. Embedded within the business processes of Sage, Datalinx allows the operatives in the warehouse to be wirelessly connected to Sage via our dedicated Warehouse Manager screens and utilise the latest mobile devices within their site environment.


Warehouse Manager for Sage X3

Sage Integration: When the Datalinx Warehouse Manager application is installed, in line with Sage ISV Developer guidelines a number of additional data fields associated with products and for example, locations are applied, together with additional business logic which allow the Datalinx Warehouse Manager system to provide the functionality that warehouse users require within the core package.


Warehouse Manager delivers a system which is warehouse centric and fully Sage aware and offers extensive WMS functionality. It is seen as a module within the core Sage application and this in depth and tight integration is a key differentiator between Datalinx and other warehousing systems. The direct integration is a core principle of all Datalinx Warehouse Manager systems and with Datalinx the data used for the Sage inventory database and records is exactly the same as that used for inventory within the warehouse. Because this is integrated and the business is not working from a separate database, information is always seen live and in real time. 


  • GS1-128 code aware
  • Barcodes UOM aware
  • Tracker ID (carton or pallet)
  • Barcode label printing


  • Independent manufacturing of kits
  • Manufacturing and assembly operations
  • Full audit trail

Manufacturing Functionality

  • Works Order Issues
  • Works order completion
  • Miscellaneous Issues
  • Unit of Measure Conversions


  • Audit history
  • Web-based user interface
  • Data import/export
  • Support for industry-standard barcodes





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Technical Bulletins

These can be viewed from the Datalinx WHM X3 Online Help Platform. If you would like to be added to the notification list please contact Enquiries

Current Software
WHM X3: 3.9.15 for Sage X3 2023 R2
Release Date: February 2024
Compatible with: Sage X3
V12 up to Patch 34 (2023 R2)
V11 - upto Patch 22

Documentation: View the WHM X3 Online Help


  • Multiple sites / multi-company
  • Multi-storage types management
  • Hand held location transfers
  • Zones (stores)

Order Management

  • Partial picking of delivery orders
  • Back orders management
  • Urgency and short allocation management
  • Date management

Sales Order Picking

  • Shipment preparation/picking
  • Consolidated picking
  • Pack bench despatch
  • Tracking ID


  • Stock take
  • Product status change
  • Location transfers
  • Intersite transfers






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Customer Success

The Datalinx partnership with Citysoft showcases how many elements connect to drive business efficiency for our customers - click here

Sage ISV Rockstar is the highest rank that a global partner can achieve, which requires detailed independant product testing and certification that must be completed before a system can additionally be Sage Certified.


  • Postpone despatch
  • Despatch cancelling and stock re-integration
  • Shipping unit management (SU)
  • Traceability until delivery


  • Unit of measure conversions
  • Graphical menu's and screens
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Multiple languages

Goods Receipt

  • Miscellaneous receipts
  • Purchase order receipts
  • Non-conformity management
  • Purchase order selection options

Add-on Modules

These modules are only available with WHM X3 Core, Version 3.9.8 or later - Sage X3: V9, V11 and V12

Warehouse Manager X3 hardware range

Compatible Devices 

Devices in the Zebra MC and TC specific model ranges, operating Android 10 or later can be used with the Datalinx application. Explore the device range to view other compatible models 


Core v Lite
To satisfy different customer requirements and complexities within their warehouse operations Datalinx provides two versions of Warehouse Manager 
WHM X3 Core and WHM X3 Lite