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Warehouse Manager X3 Wave Picking


The ability to ‘wave pick’ orders enables multiple orders to be picked simultaneously... 

Wave Picking for Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3

   WHM X3 Wave Picking  



Reducing warehousing costs and in particular that of ‘pick and pack’ is a key target area for businesses. The ability to ‘wave pick’ orders to meet eCommerce and online sales order requirements increases efficiency, expands shipping capacity and enables multiple orders to be picked simultaneously and collated for despatch on a single walk around the warehouse. Designed with custom screens and new picking capability specifically to support fast wave picking in the warehouse. We have paired this with the new to market Zebra WS50 device to provide powerful scanning capability and flexible, incredibly lightweight wearable options.

Datalinx Wave Picking functionality provides increased dispatch capacity and significant cost savings. With real time updates into Sage X3 visible to the business as a whole data integrity is preserved, data errors removed and labour costs reduced.


Target industry: Distribution, eCommerce, Manufacturing

Sage Version: Sage X3 - V12


Wave Picking for Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3

The Process

Datalinx wave picking allows for a number of work flows to be configured, enabling a site to highly automate and drive the operators to scan and validate items during the pick driving efficiency.

Workflow settings specify the number of orders that can be included in a wave pick. If a site uses different size trollies or carts, then the user can also define the number of orders that they wish to pick within a given “wave”. The picker is guided to each pick location and asked to validate the product being picked and placed into totes on their trolley or cart as the wave pick progresses.On completion of the wave pick the totes are passed over to a packing process, this is normally at a pack bench where the items on the order are packed into boxes for shipping.

Where a product is serial number or lot number tracked, then this information can be captured and confirmed at the pack bench and not the picking point. Keeping the wave pick process efficient and ensuring that the serial number or batch number is captured as required for product traceability and recorded in Sage X3.

This combination of a wave pick into totes and a packing bench operation allows for many hundreds of orders to be dispatched though a warehouse a day, delivering the efficiencies that are required by the fast moving dynamic warehouse.