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Android Devices: In relation to the Zebra Technologies range of hardware, Datalinx have tested their products running Android 10 and, for the Zebra Technologies devices only. Any of Zebra Technologies Android 10 based MC and TC devices can be used for the Datalinx application.


Devices that are not Zebra Technologies Android 10 (MC and TC ranges) and are not listed on our tested list of products may appear to run the DML Client, but we are not able to confirm all functions would be available on these devices, nor can we directly support any other devices.


Within a specific device there may be many sub-models which work with different networks, bandwidth and environments, not all of which will be appropriate to use. If you are unsure of your devices compatibility please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check before purchasing new hardware for your Warehouse Manager X3 system.



Windows PCs:

Scanning non-GS1 barcodes into a text field, a USB Scanner that is configured as a keyboard wedge can be used.

Scanning both GS1 and Non-GS1 barcodes, the following devices have been tested, have passed through quality assurance and have been released as compatible for use with WHM X3:



Desktop and Mobile Printers: