WHM200 with Sage 200 manufacturing - Cim200 Manufacturing

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Explore Advanced WMS 200 Manufacturing


WHM200 Manufacturing

The Datalinx Manufacturing Suite automates the issuing of materials by the use of hand held devices which scan items as they are issued or receipted into the production process, capturing batch, date and serial numbers of components and assemblies as required.


Sage 200 users with manufacturing requirements have 2 options available when looking to integrate Datalinx warehouse management functionality to the manufacturing side of their business. 


Datalinx is compatible with Sage 200 manufacturing and also with Cim200 Manufacturing, which provides an integration and upgrade path for Sage 200 users looking to future proff their business and ensure they aren’t siloed on old, potentially unsupported versions of the Sage 200 application.


Cim200 Manufacturing


About Cim200 Manufacturing

Fully integrated into Sage 200 and designed with a focus on improving manufacturing process efficiencies. Cim200 Manufacturing streamlines data entry, and provides powerful enquiry screens to allow the maximisation of manufacturing output potential, whilst controlling stock levels and cash flow, enabling the business to focus on growth.

Stock Control

Cim200 Stock Control, provides enhanced stock management full visibility of stock, traceability and product maintenance. With traceability functionality, quarantine and the ability to amend sales order despatches or purchase order receipts.

Additional features enhance stock management including a detailed stock profile showing the current and projected stock levels, a rapid entry stock movements screen, allowing users to make quick and easy stock movements, along with an audit log showing any amendments made to the stock item, by whom, and when.

Works Orders

Control and monitor all the items that are currently being manufactured, either as sub-assemblies for other bill of materials, or as finished items to be despatched on sales orders to fulfil your customer demand.

 A suite of powerful enquiry screens and documents provides your production staff with complete visibility to track each process effortlessly.


Bill of Materials

Flexibility to choose what’s right for the business, depending on manufacturing requirements. With features that have been added to the Bill of Materials module in order to enhance the manufacturing build process, Including a multi-level Bill of Materials with the ability to build and reverse build.

Improve production efficiencies in multiple manufacturing environments, including multiple routes, enabling you to react to changing demands on your production lines and maximise output, percentage bom functionality, to ensure production accuracy, and much more.


Meeting the demand from all modules, in a cost-effective way is one of the key elements required by business. 

Whether it is customer demand via a sales order, shop floor demand from a works order, maintaining stock levels through make for stock, or even demand from a sales forecast in the future, these the CIM Planning module encapsulates all requirements into one easily controlled screen.

Simple Migration

Cim Services have also developed a complete migration tool making it easy and stress free for Sage 200 Manufacturing customers to transition to Cim200.

The tool will transfer all of the manufacturing settings from the Sage modules and also offers the option to migrate all Works Orders or just current live Works Orders.

Customers are now able to upgrade their Sage 200 as and when required to the latest application releases, no longer restricted to old and potentially unsupported older versions.


Sage 200 Commercials has been enhanced to improve order routing with extensive new features.

These include being able to view the stock profile screen when creating or amending sales or purchase order item lines.

As well as using the supplier part number when raising a new purchase order item line, any linked works orders can be viewed, simply from within the sales or purchase order item line. Giving users the ability to effortlessly allocate stock to Works Orders on receipt.