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Datalinx have partnered with Mysoft to provide East End Foods with an integrated barcoded warehousing system. This partnership enables Sage business partners and their customers to benefit from our 25 years’of warehouse management system development focused solely within the Sage arenaand technical support.

We have a team of over twenty five professionals covering sales, development, customer support and marketing. To provide complete end to end solutions for customers in need of extending their Sage systems functionality, whilst keeping all data inside of Sage.

Datalinx relationship with Sage has enabled the development of an integrated solution for tier 2 warehousing,analysing the core functionality within Sage X3 package against the values and requirements of users, to enable Datalinx to deliver a system which is fully Sage X3 aware and offers warehousing functionality between Sage X3 RF and the Sage Geode product.

Mysoft introduced Datalinx to East End Foods as there was a requirement to enhance their warehouse processes, through improved accuracy. With a range of over 1250 products and a company aim of having 98% product availability as part of their future growth, this requires East End Foods to have a more efficient warehousing system which will involve upgrading from their current paper based method to Datalinx’s Sage integrated barcode system, which will update the main Sage X3 system in real time and will enable enhanced traceability within the production, storage and distribution areas of their warehouse.