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Warehouse Manager for Sage X3

The Datalinx Dynamic Stock Take module enables the warehouse to stay operational, even during a stock count. Warehouse Manager enables a business with Sage X3 to run a true perpetual inventory model, allowing stock counts to take place as required, in specific locations, or as a QC check or during quiet periods, rather than on an annual basis.dst menu 2 This allows the business to have a constant and accurate knowledge of stock status whilst ensuring minimal disruption to the business and thereby increasing efficiency.                             

Traditionally, stocktaking in Sage requires the entire area being counted to be frozen. This reduces operational efficiency because operators cannot pick from or receipt to that area. With Warehouse Manager Dynamic Stock Take, there is no requirement to lock the count area, leaving it operational throughout the stock take, except for the short period when the specific location is being counted.

Dynamic Stock Take also enables multi-count and recount options on the scanners, the ability to handle “discovered stock,” stock in unexpected locations, and zero counting when stock cannot be found. With multiple operators able to work on the same session and list.

The potential issue of stock levels changing very shortly before or after the items have been counted does not arise.
Warehouse Manager dynamically works with the most current stock levels, so they are always accurate and there is
no need to freeze the stock.

This module is only compatible with WHM X3 R3.6.0 - Core onwards, for Sage X3: V9, V11 and V12.


Count Options

Single Count
The count can be completed by a single operator without closing the count area

Multi Count
Two different operators complete the count, and if there is an unexplained discrepancy, a third confirmation count is required

Flag locations to be 're-counted'

Key Functionality

  • Stock is only locked during a specific location count
  • Dynamic snapshots of stock
  • Sage stock levels/quantities are always current
  • User permissions restrict operator functionality
  • Flexible generation of counting sheets for ranges of locations
  • Record discovered stock
  • Automatic movement of tracked batches to their correct location
  • Blind counting - operator has no record of what to expect in the location or for the product
  • Abandon, repeat, suspend or resume the original count