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Warehouse Manager X3 2023 R1 - Crate and Mixed Pallets

The Crate and Mixed Pallet Handling enables the assembly of pallets and crates via License plates...


Crate and Mixed Pallet Handling for Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3


The release of WHM X3 2023 R1 now offers crate and mixed pallet handling, providing users with enhanced application functionality. By utilizing this feature, crates can be generated upon product receipt in the warehouse. A crate can take the form of a mixed product pallet or box and once it's built, it can be handled and transported as a separate entity.

With the option to create different crate configurations and monitor them throughout the warehouse, managing and distributing products becomes more transparent, allowing for the optimization of processes and inventory management.


Target industry: Distribution, eCommerce, Manufacturing

Sage Version: Sage X3 - V12


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