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Miscellaneous Receipts for Warehouse Manager X3

“Miscellaneous Receipts” is the business process that is used to carry out the receipt of products into the warehouse without a corresponding transaction such as a purchase order or works order to receive the product against. Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 allows the receipt of product to be recorded.

Whilst completing the receipt, the application checks and validates to ensure that the product code exists and if relevant, captures additional information such as serial and batch numbers together with date related details such as best before or use by dates.

The resulting transaction is used to update Sage X3 with the receipt as if the transaction had been completed within Sage. The history record will also attribute the transaction details complete with date and time to the individual logged on at the hand held terminal.


 *To improve your viewing the timings of some of the processes shown in this video may have been reduced.