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Warehouse Manager X3 - DML Client

The Datalinx DML Client is used on a PC to simulate and demonstrate the Warehouse Manager X3 application.


Changing the 'Skin' on the Datalinx DML Client 


This Quick Tips is beneficial for Datalinx partners in pre-sales and post-sales customer support roles.

If you demonstrate the Datalinx application, or offer end user training and run the DML Client on a PC to simulate a handheld or tablet device, it makes the experience more relevant for your customer if you place a device 'skin' over the application. There are a range of skins supplied as standard with Datalinx software and it is easy to apply these. Multiple profiles can be set up and saved, making it quick to apply customer specific skins or swop between profiles when showing deifferent functionality within the warehouse.


Target industry: Distribution, eCommerce, Manufacturing

Sage Version: Sage X3 - V12