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Datalinx Warehouse Manager 200 offers users the ability to pick orders in a variety of different ways to provide the most efficient and accurate methods. Providing full traceability and the ability to capture batch and serial number details.

Extending the power of Sage 200, Datalinx Warehouse Manager 200 provides the user with:
The ability to consolidate a number of orders to be picked at the same time before being taken to a pack and despatch area.
The option to pick orders in waves with each order assigned a specific tote bin that products are placed in during the pick. With each of these functions the user is directed to pick multiple orders in a single walk around the warehouse, guided by the hand held terminal through the process and confirming each of the picks as they are completed.

A given pick can be completed by one or many pickers and an option to wave pick is available. Standard functionality also includes full batch traceability or the ability to just record serial numbers on dispatch.

During a sales order pick, the Datalinx Warehouse Manager 200 application can “re-allocate” stock to sales orders based on a number of “warehouse specific” criteria, such as:

    • Pick from a single batch
    • Only pick orders where all lines can be fulfilled
    • Pick from the fewest bins
    • Pick based upon “Active Life On Receipt” ALOR

This ability to re-allocate stock based on picking rules and customer requirements delivers a unique level of flexibility in a Sage 200 environment. Where packing benches and in particular wave picking is deployed, facilities exist to check and confirm the pick prior to despatch.


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