Sage Certified vs Sage Approved

b2ap3_thumbnail_sage_certified_logo_generic.jpgDue to the vast number of Sage add-ons available, Sage introduced various certification and accreditation programmes. To assist in proving a company’s competency, monitor the standards and improve the quality of add-ons developed.

There are 3 key ways to check the certification of the add-on you are interested in:

1.Sage Certification
2.Sage Approved
3.Sage Developer Awards

Sage Certified Systems – these are Sage add-ons that have been independently tested and certified. Their integration and the efficiency they provide to the end user is verified and they must always be compatible with the latest release of Sage, providing reassurance to the end user that they will not be stuck using an old outdated version of Sage just to keep their add-on functionality working!

Sage certified solutions are the only products that Sage will recommend.


Certification is NOT Accreditation - Accreditation, just means a person within the developer’s company has passed a Sage training course. This does not have any bearing on the add-on itself.

To date only 7b2ap3_thumbnail_Sage_200_certified_logo_250.png Sage additions for Sage 200 have been certified and Datalinx offer the only Sage Certified warehousing system in the UK and Europe.


Sage Approved Systems - any business stating they are Sage approved but do not have a Sage Certified add-on are NOT Sage approved. If their system and integration hasn’t been tested, they cannot be approved and we are not aware of this as a formal status from Sage.


Sage Innovation Developer Awards – Sage acknowledge the best and most innovative add-ons through this prestigious award.


This year Datalinx “Dynamic Stock Take” was one of the top 3 finalists (pipped at the post by newcomers to the industry Panintelligence), although our Warehouse Manager system won in 2009.


Last but not least we shouldn't forget....
Sage Developers - businesses displaying the Sage Developer logo have a commercial agreement with Sage to allow them access to some development tools. Add-ons they produce do not have to be checked or verified by Sage. At last count there were approximately 900 businesses who had joined this Sage programme.


In the end only you can decide if the add-on you are looking at will benefit your business but as the saying goes beware of cheap imitations.


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