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Wireless VS tethered barcode scanners

Barcode scanners come in all shapes, sizes and types including wireless. The advantages of wireless scanners have provided numerous industries with multiple efficiencies.


This is essential in a warehouse where scanners and staff need to roam and are required to pick orders, book goods in and out, stock take and more as they stay connected to through RFID wireless, WiFi networks and even Bluetooth. This allows the scanning of items without the health and safety risk of cords causing danger around ladders and other machinery.  We have found that this results in greater productivity and efficiency, which may also help to reduce labour costs.

wireless scanning  


By using a wireless scanner, you can Save time and money by scanning heavy / bulky items without having logistical challenge of getting the item to the tethered scanner! Or even worse finding the barcode is too high up for the scanners range. For example the Zebra Ultra rugged DS3678 A&E 1D/2D has a scanning range of 70 yards, which makes it great for high racking or bulk bins! 


Wireless scanners have been developed for environments where data needs to be done on the move; therefore, there is a risk of them being dropped multiple times onto concrete floors often from a height.  To protect them wireless scanners are much more durable than either tethered counterparts. 

Battery power & safety

Due to the device being battery powered in the event of a power cut or outage wireless barcode scanners will still be operational and work will be able to proceed. This is vital in storage areas where having mains power may not be possible. The lack of cable is also much safer in busy warehouses where they can increase the risks of accidents.


For stationary counters such as point of sale or pack benches where the barcode scanner needs to stay in the same place a wired scanner does prevent it being misplaced. Both can be used in the same business to complement different tasks and suit each environment.


There is a significant price difference between the two types; wireless scanners cost in the region of £1000 whereas tethered scanners start from £80. So although this can be a significant factor in choosing a barcode scanner, it has been listed last so you can consider your businesses requirements to find the best fit for purpose.

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