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Warehouse Manager 200 Pack Bench

Warehouse Manager 200 Pack Bench

The Datalinx Pack Bench System can be used as an add on module to Warehouse Manager 200 or stand alone when Paper Picking is in use.

The 'Pack Bench’ module expands the capability of the Datalinx Warehouse Manager 200 application, providing users with a simple and cost-effective way to reduce errors at the point of packing, which ensures that orders are fulfilled correctly first time, every time.

Improves Efficiency
Reduces administration time and delays in
dispatching orders

Eliminates Errors
Confirms correct items with details being
captured on every order

 Reduces Costs
Minimises packing and shipping costs


Features include:

Record packing into multiple packages

Ability to repack or unpack boxes to allow space to be maximised

Dispatch notes and packing reports can be automatically generated for every order

Ability to repack or unpack boxes to allow space to be maximised

To find out more about what WHM 200 Pack Bench can do for your business, click here


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