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Sage award - top 3rd party developerOnce again the hard work and dedication of our teams and the company as a whole has been ​recognised by the Sage community.

As you can see from the photo, whilst we were at the Sage X3 Australian conference we ​were announced as Sage's "Top 3rd Party Developer."

This is a proud moment for Datalinx and shows how far Warehouse Manager X3 has come in the relatively short time it has been launched and been available to the Sage Global marketplace.

Did you know...

  • WHM X3 Sites can be found in the UK, Australia,  Africa and the USA. 
  • In fact, in Australia we were key to Sage winning their largest X3 site in the region  
  • There are over 350 global WHM X3 users
  • Our largest site has over 180 Datalinx users!