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WHM X3 - Replenishment

Replenishment involves moving inventory from bulk to a picking area so that it may be picked, packed and shipped. Review the functionality that WHM X3 provides to enable users to utilize the most appropriate forms of replenishment for their business.


This takes on massive importance when scaled to the size of the average warehouse. If the item can't be located quickly, or if there is any error in locating a stock time then this can cause the entire workflow to break down. By optimizing replenishment, these errors are reduced, thus saving costs and improving performance.


This video explores the functionality that Datalinx Warehouse Manager for Sage X3 can provide. This includes:

  • Ad-hoc See & Do Replenishment - This is where an operator notices that a particular location requires replenishment and will use the hand held to locate stock from another part of the warehouse. This is for both Assigned and Unassigned locations.

  • Sage Replenishment Plans - This is the Datalinx implementation of Sage's guided replenishment capability, where the hand held is used to complete the separate Pick and Put Away processes.

  • Dynamic Replenishment Queues - this is functionality unique to the Datalinx system, where a prioritised replenishment queue is sent to the hand held that takes into consideration current outstanding sales order demand. Locations are then replenished using a guided picking process from a bulk area.

WHM X3 Replenishment Business Transactions:

  • BT51 – See and Do Location Replenishment
  • BT62 – Replenishment Plan
  • BT65 – Two Stage Replenishment Plan (stage 1)
  • BT66 - Two Stage Replenishment Plan (stage 2)


Please note this is not a training session on the setup of Warehouse Manager X3 or the configuration/usage of the Replenishment Business Transactions. It is a 30 minute introduction to the functionality that Datalinx can offer. If you require training or more detailed information this can be arranged on a 1-2-1 basis, tailored to your requirements. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Power of the Barcode

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Manufacturing - Raw Materials

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Using GS1 Barcodes

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Sales Order Picking - Small Parts

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Units of Measure and Tote Tracking

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Dynamic Stock Take and Stock Counts

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Purchase Order Receipts

WHM X3 Purchase Order Receipts


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Sales Order Picking - Full Pallet

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Serial Number Handling

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License Plate Labelling

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Packing and the Pack Bench

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WHM X3 Replenishment


Replenishment involves moving inventory from bulk to a picking area so that it may be picked, packed and shipped. Review the functionality that WHM X3 provides to users.